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Level up your community with the Metaverse Chat Room

Connect and engage with your users like never before with our immersive Metaverse chatroom experience!

Metaverse Chat

Step into an immersive 3D virtual world where you can connect and chat with friends from all over the globe.

This unparalleled social experience is far more engaging than traditional messaging.

Explore this gaming-inspired world with friends and keep users engaged longer, making your website or app more valuable and sticky.

Create a unique digital twin character.

Users can customize their own personalized avatar in 3D virtual world or create one by tweaking their own photo. They can choose their favorite color, hairstyle, clothes and accessories to create a unique avatar.

Muti-user Video/Audio Chat

Integrated Jitsi meetings are designed to support up to 75 simultaneous video windows, making them perfect for remote communication and social gatherings.

Additionally, our innovative multi-user video group chat feature is excellent for enhancing social interaction and increasing user engagement for longer periods of time.

ChatGPT AI Bot in Chat room

With ChatGPT, your users can enjoy instant messaging with advanced language processing capabilities, allowing them to have engaging and meaningful conversations with their friends.

Say goodbye to mundane small talk and hello to exciting and intelligent conversations with ChatGPT!

This innovative feature adds a new level of depth to social interactions and enhances the overall experience of our app.

Powerful Security Management

Operating a chat room platform can come with its own set of challenges such as frequent attacks. Our chat app is equipped with powerful security management protocols to ensure that users feel safe and protected.

These features include automated kick/ban/mute controls, VPN detection and filtering, flood screen detection, and a customizable keyword filtering system.

With these robust security measures in place, you can rest assured that your chat room is protected from malicious attacks and enjoy uninterrupted communication with peace of mind.

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